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Welcome to that time of the year again when companies start hiring in bulk from college campuses. Given below is a compilation of the latest placement papers with answers, company profile and selection procedure of core and IT companies for 2016/2017/2018 season. Additionally, our informative articles have got you covered for Group Discussion, Technical Interview round and HR Interview Q&A as well.

Placement Papers and Interview Questions

Browse through the PDF collection of TCS, Amazon, Accenture, Infosys, Sasken, IBM, HCL, Aon Hewitt, Virtusa, Akamai, Deloitte, Microsoft, Cognizant etc. They will help in your placement preparation and during written round. Feel free to leave a message in the comment section and we would respond to your query/doubt in a jiffy. Good luck for your preparations. Remember, those who toil hard now, will reap benefits in the future.
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How to draft a good resume?

In you resume, represent what you wish for from the new job. Don’t go overboard along with your expectations, instead draw a clear image of what you see your next job to be like. Once you have expressed all your needs & expectations, make sure your resume outstands everyone else’s resume and fulfills all the requirments of the offered job. By doing this, you are hinting the employers that you really need the job and you will be the best person to suit the role. Highlight your traits and exceptions. Specially, highlight your academic achievements and certifications that match most to the job profile you have applied for. This indicates that your skills are in line with the job requirements.

What to look for in your job search?

The job placement scenario was never as competitive as it is today, and will be increasing in the future, resulting in every job search becoming a very important and life-changing phase of any aspirant’s career. To tackle any problems ahead, we provide here some pointers to consider so that the next job is your final job where you work for a long time. While searching for a job is important, it is equally important to think about things that will present themselves with the new job. Nowadays, a long-term perspective and a fresh strategy is required whilst looking for a job. Constantly adapting to the job market will help you make a strong foothold and will provide rewards in your career.